Leadership 360

Leadership 360

Leading Australian Business School

" We’ve been delighted by the positive user experience and high quality professional reporting generated by the assessa platform. Overall a high impact development experience for the participants. "
~ Professor of Organisational Development


Assessa were engaged by Australia's leading business school to provide a multi-rater, 360 degree feedback loop for their Executive Education program, assessing 103 participants for leadership development.


In line with their Leadership competency profile, we developed tailored online surveys in the participant's chosen language and then generated reports in both English & Chinese. We assessed across 12 defined leadership competencies such as boundary spanning, strategic thinking and encouraging innovation. The assessment solution was designed to identify specific gaps in leadership competencies and to generate a targeted individualised performance development plan for each of the participants, to focus their efforts.


Assessa successfully delivered detailed reporting from over 229 feedback providers, incorporating feedback data from direct managers, peers, subordinates and other stakeholders, with complete technical accuracy and no delay.

The results were delivered as individualised objective assessments for each of the 103 participants with a tailored report unique to their individual development needs.

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