6 Cylinders of Wellness Partnership

6 Cylinders of Wellness Partnership

Stephenson Mansell Group (SMG)

Considering the challenging times faced by all, assessa is now offering complimentary access to the 6 Cylinders of Wellness®. You will get a balanced view of your own health and wellbeing against the key cylinders of Sleep, Nutrition, Activity, Social Connectedness, Outlets and Time-Out.

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" We’re proud of the impact that the 6 cylinders of wellness has on individuals, teams and organisations however we reached a point where this needed to be converted to an online questionnaire to remain relevant and accessible. We reviewed local and offshore options and were pleasantly surprised to find an Australian platform that could deliver a polished user experience and completely tailored reports within our budget. Assessa is now a cornerstone of our diagnostic engine and we value their responsiveness, flexibility and specialist advice. The results are outstanding. "
~ Christopher Paterson - Managing Director, Stephenson Mansell Group


SMG Group’s reputation as one of the region’s most trusted executive development organisations comes from a distinguished track record of success. For over two decades, SMG has been providing bespoke executive coaching, mentoring, leadership development, cultural change and wellness solutions to some of the largest and most successful companies in this region. While many organisations offer their employees a range of well-considered wellness initiatives, the main challenges remain low engagement and a lack of measurable impact on health, wellbeing and performance.


Wellness is a topic dominated by opinions that don't always agree. To make sense of this in a practical way SMG has been researching wellness behaviours for over 10 years, reviewing the scientific and neurological data, as well as their own field research. As a result, they discovered 6 areas of sleep, nutrition, activity, social connectedness, outlets and time out, that make up the 6 Cylinders of Wellness. The brief for our partnership with SMG was to take their questionnaire online and to develop reporting for the 6 cylinders of Wellness for it to be embedded in their coaching engagements. On completion of this short questionnaire, the participant receives a balanced report of their own health and wellbeing measured against the 6 cylinders, as well as targeted ‘nudges’ advising them on small behavioural changes they can make to achieve measurable improvement.


The 6 Cylinders of Wellness is now being provided to a broad base of SMG clients across public and private sectors providing meaningful information for employees to focus on their own well-being. Even small improvements in these 6 areas can now be demonstrated to help people to be more relaxed, resilient and confident; mentally sharper with greater focus; and overall, happier and more successful.Aggregate data analysis is also being used to inform and focus decision-making on organizational level initiatives for maximum benefit.

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