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Working for multinational companies across Asia-Pacific for over 20 years in recruitment, assessment and talent development, Simon became increasingly frustrated by the rigidity and expense of assessment suites available in the market and the failings of this one size fits all approach. In thousands of meetings with senior business and HR leaders the same refrain echoed in his ears about the need for a more customizable and tailored approach to meet the unique needs of each organization.

Catching up with old friend Professor Giles Hirst on a surf trip in Indonesia, Giles offered the level of scientific expertise to develop the assessment suite that could be configurable by organization or even role type requirement addressing specific personality attitude, cognitive abilities and motivators. Whilst our original technology build served a purpose, our clients feedback was that it still was too rigid. Acting on this, we have recently rebuilt the platform with the latest technologies to maximize flexibility and customisation for our users. We have rebranded as assessa welcoming Dave into the business to lead technology development.

Leadership Team

Simon Bell Managing Director MSC Organisational Psychology Simon Bell has over 25 years’ as a senior executive in Asia Pacific, with 20 years specialised in assessment and selection. Prior to founding assessa, Simon spearheaded Hudson RPO Asia for a decade – a Nasdaq listed talent management company, pioneering the organisation’s RPO and Assessment and Development businesses for Asia and was a founding member of the Global RPO leadership team.
DAVE MARTIN Head of Digital Bachelor of Multimedia, Technology & Business With over a 15 years of digital design, marketing, development and implementation experience working with both start-ups and established businesses to build and develop their Digital Strategy - Dave has acquired a wealth of expertise in all key aspects of the Digital and Business life cycle. Dave's determined work ethic, attention to detail and love for all things Digital means that he truly enjoys delivering amazing results to end-users.
PROFESSOR GILES HIRST Research & Development Advisor PHD Organisational Psychology Giles is a Professor of Organisational Behaviour & Chair of Leadership for the Australian National University & key product advisor for assessa. An internationally renowned and published scholar, in addition to sitting on several editorial boards, Giles has worked extensively with organisations globally to optimise their effectiveness and his research has been published on topics such as creativity, entrepreneurism and innovation.

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